The Birth of 0 kind of has two birthdays -9th of March 2013, and 20th of December 2013. I’ll explain.

Sometime in February 2013, I met a lady online, who lived a few kilometers from me. And after a while of chatting with her, it turned out that her birthday was on the 6th of March, while mine was the 9th of March. She was going to have a little get together and she invited me over, but more than that, she suggested we have a joint birthday celebration, which sounded like a great idea.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the event as something came up.

Fast forward to December 20 of the same year. This time around, it’s my brother’s birthday. And to celebrate, he took a whole bunch of us out to have dinner, including my mum. We were a party of 7. While we were wining and dining, and when the time came to cut his cake and sing him happy birthday, the group (a party of 4) at the next table turned around and exclaimed how it was also their father’s 70th birthday that day as well.

We all exchanged pleasantries, jokes, phone numbers, took pictures etc etc. Then the 70 year old celebrant bought his birthday mate a bottle of wine. Which we all at my table drank with delight. It truly was a festive and happy mood, with lots of laughter, food, drinks and more.

Some pictures from the night…

20131220_200328 20131220_200353 20131220_200305

Then the gathering came to an end and we all went home, all the while marveling at the coincidence of the two birthday mates sitting next to each other at the same restaurant. Especially me

A few days later, as my mind went back to the events of that night, it struck me how, a few months back, in March, I came very close to having a similar joint birthday celebration with an ‘almost’ complete stranger. And how the same joint celebration had in fact taken place between two (groups of) strangers. Then it hit me…

Wouldn’t it be nice if a lot more people could experience that same joy and feeling on their special day?

And that is how Birthday Mates was born. 🙂


8 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday [Infographic.] 0

So, I've been doing quite some reading online and I have consistently been coming across one recurring question people keep asking which goes along the lines of: "My birthday is coming up. Can you suggest any birthday celebration ideas?"

[Update: 14th March 2016: I ended up doing a more thorough job of answering the above question. I did so by compiling a list of 101 things you can do on your birthday. You can read the article here]

It was always nice/funny to read some of the responses that people gave. And one time I actually did add my own voice to one such question.  Then it struck me. Why not make a visual representation of what my ideal birthday celebration would look like? So I created an infographic. See below.

While these are my take on 8 unique birthday celebration ideas, and everyone would have their own unique take on it, feel free to try out one of the suggested ideas in the below infographic and see if you won't have a blast.


birthday celebration ideas

Birthday Mates: 8 Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas.



Peter Anderson’s 3 Amazing Birthday Gifts 0

Peter Anderson has 3 very unique ideas that you can use to create that very special and unique gift for that that special person. While it is so much easier to go out and buy the latest gadget, or the latest toy, or jewelry, or whatever these are the things that people have probably all their lives.

He also says – and agrees completely, that the most appreciated gifts are those simple gifts for which the giver takes his or her time to create, things like a slide show of your friendship, or a customized birthday cards, or even if it must be a regular every day gift like a jewelry or whatever, just by placing it in the most unexpected place and having the celebrant find it at the most unexpected time can double the excitement of getting the gift.

I’m probably not putting it as best as Peter says, so why not read from the horses mouth below.

3 Amazing Birthday Gifts…

A birthday gift is a special treat for a loved one and its selection shouldn’t be taken lightly. A true friend will appreciate your concern and the effort that’s been put in the selection or the creation of a customized gift. Making an online presentation as a highlight of your friendship will bring tears to your friend’s eyes and remind him/her about all those great times you’ve spent together. Bringing a large box filled with birthday cards won’t be an expensive gift, but it won’t go unnoticed. Placing a box with diamond earrings in a jug or in a cake is a funny way to make a statement.

Getting a perfect gift for your best friend, a close relative or a partner requires a lot of good ideas and a creative mind. It takes much more than walking into a first store and buying something off the rack without much consideration and planning. A spectacular gift isn’t something that simply falls from the sky right in front of you. An entire process of giving and receiving gifts is something special and unique.

People like to receive unique and customized gifts. Anyone can buy continue reading…