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38 Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas For That Special Person 0

We've all been in the situation where the birthday of a special person is coming up soon and the "Birthday Gift Ideas Genie" has taken a vacation, which means you haven't the faintest of ideas what birthday present to get for that special person on their upcoming birthday. Be it a friend, family, kid or significant other. Well, fret not, here comes me and my Birthday Mates blog to the rescue. 

Seeing as this website is all about celebrating birthday's and more so together, I've put together this list of 38 Awesome Birthday Present Ideas for that special person in your life.


Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

When you know the birthday girl well, it's easy to figure out birthday surprises. But just to get you started on more general ideas for the girl you don't know all that well yet, here are three possibilities:

  1. Spa Day.
    It's really difficult to find a woman who doesn't like going to a spa. Even if she just goes to get a facial and a massage, treating her to a few hours at a place that helps her look and feel beautiful will be an awesome treat she'll never forget. In addition, a Spa Gift Basket would make for an excellent after spa surprise. Almost like the icing on the cake after she has come back from the spar you sent her to.
  2. Picnic in the Park.
    Gather up a bunch of her friends and surprise her with a picnic lunch in a local park's picnic shelter. Finding a park with lots of trees and hiking trails is especially great if you know the girl is a nature buff and would want to go on a post-meal hike.
  3. Get Her a Pet.
    If you know the girl to be an animal lover, but hasn't yet gotten a pet—and you know she is not allergic to dander, surprise her with a trip to the local animal shelter. (Blindfolding her and driving her to the place so she doesn't know where she's going is always a nice shocker.) If she prefers dogs to cats, get chew toys, rawhide bones in a bag, and so on, and wrap them up as extra presents.


    Be sure to also get this amazing dog toy and exercise tool called Ifetch Automatic Ball Launcher, as no doubt both dog and dog owner will be having loads of fun with this dog toy.

    If she prefers cats, cat toys, a scratching post and a litter box are the requisite accessories to accompany the present with a four-legged friend.


Romantic Gift Ideas

So, you've gotten to know the girl to the point of falling in love and you two are officially a pair. What better way to celebrate your love than on her birthday? Here are some romantic ideas to get your creative ideas flowing:

  1. Balloon Ride.
    If neither of you are afraid of heights, a hot-air balloon ride, especially towards sunset time, is an awesome birthday surprise to show her you're on top of the world with her, and there's no-one with whom you'd rather share the view.
  2. Butterfly Garden.
    While many women enjoy flowers, go beyond the usual dozen roses: take her to a garden where there are both flowers and butterflies. Finding a place might be something of a drive, but seeing your birthday lady's face light up with joy at the beauty around her is worth it—especially if you tell her she's as beautiful as the butterflies. As a further surprise, you can pick up flower seeds on the way home, and the next day, plant a butterfly garden together.


    Birthday Gift Ideas | Birthday Present Ideas

  3. Rock-Solid Relationship.
    If you two are at the point where you're seriously considering a proposal, there's no better day than on her birthday. But think beyond diamonds, especially if your girl likes wearing different-colored stones, like sapphires, green aventurine, garnets or even black onyx.


    Pay attention to which gems she favours the most, then pick one she doesn't yet have as an engagement ring, take her out to a romantic dinner and present her with it. It will be a birthday she'll never forget, as she'll be receiving the gift of your love all over again.


Birthday Ideas for Wife

Showing your beloved that she's forever special to you doesn't just end with the wedding day or your anniversary. Showing her every day is important, and her birthday is definitely one of the most important days for reaffirming that love within your marriage. And creative ideas don't have to end once you're married, either. Here are a couple:

  1. Dinner-and-a-Favorite-Movie.
    If you two are used to going out for her birthday and seeing the latest flick after dinner, turn the idea inside out and cook a meal for her—complete with candles and lovely table settings. (Or you can have food delivered, if that's your preference.) Then settle back on the couch to watch one of her favorite movies—especially one she hasn't watched in a while, but still loves.

    This especially works if both of you are geeks and like very similar movies. Making your own popcorn with a hot-air popper allows you to melt butter in the provided receptacle and pour it in a bowl for you to share—recreating those “first-date-finger-brushes.”
  2. Week of Surprises.
    During the week leading up to her birthday (including the actual day), give her one surprise gift each night, and on her actual birthday night, give her the final, big surprise, such as a hot, romantic weekend in a hotel in a city you've never been to. This works especially if the weeklong surprises are small, and she's been wanting to see a show or concert in that city, and tickets to that show, along with the romantic hotel stay, will definitely make her birthday special.



Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  1. A Scavenger Hunt.
    A gift or present is always nice and appreciated.However, when you are dating someone, going that extra mile in presenting it can bring out your creative side while showing him how much you really care. One way to do this is by creating a scavenger hunt to find your boyfriend’s present. If he is the creative and adventurous type, he will truly appreciate the effort and thought put into this.


    Simply hide the gift somewhere you know he will eventually find such as his best friend’s house or his favorite spot in the woods to think, however, make sure it will not get lost or stolen. Then give him clues and help him along the way. Make sure the reward is worth the work!

  2. A Night Out to His Favorite Spots.
    While you and your boyfriend probably have a lot in common, there are definitely places and things he prefers that you just really do not enjoy. And most nights, it is ok to tell him to enjoy those things with his buddies. But on his birthday, you should make the effort to plan a night out with your leading man visiting the spots he really loves and let him bring you into his world for a bit.


    There are two benefits: he enjoys his guy side with his lady, and YOU planned the night, instead of him.

  3. Cook for Him.
    Maybe you only just started dating. You are still getting to know each other. You cannot ignore his birthday, but you do not need or even want to go overboard. This may wind up being the love of your life, or you may discover you are better as friends two weeks later.


    One way to keep a birthday surprising and exciting for a new love without giving away the whole lot is to cook your new man his favorite dinner, or something you are sure he would like. Maybe you have noticed on your dates that he orders the same meal or type of meal at each restaurant. Get the recipe and invite him over for a culinary surprise.


Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

So you have taken the plunge and you are in a committed serious and exclusive relationship with that awesomely, amazingly beautiful woman. And her birthday is coming up soon You’d like to surprise her in some way, but you are at a loss for what to do. The below surprise ideas should help juggle your brain.


  1. Small Gifts All Day.
    Most women love romance. If your girlfriend is one of these women, this is a birthday surprise perfect for her!Leave her small gifts throughout the day, such a card on the vanity to see when she wakes up, then a new coffee mug in the kitchen for her to drink her coffee, then a rose in her car, and so on.


    When she gets home at night, have dinner cooking and present her with her main gift over dinner. She will appreciate the thought and energy you put in to making her day special. And she will most definitely thank you!

  2. Send Flowers to Her Office.
    When you are in love with an amazing man, you want the world to know.You especially want your co-workers to know that you are not the quiet one that is destined to live a life with cats.So, when your boyfriend sends you flowers to work, you light up knowing that he took the time to order and have delivered a public display of his love.


    And, she will know that you paid enough attention to her when she talked to know exactly where to send that display! It will make her feel loved and appreciated.

  1. Make Her a Playlist.
    Sometimes, it is the little things that mean the most. And if you have not been dating for a long time, it may be the little things are all you have. Your new girlfriend wants to see that you listen to her and are learning about her, but she also wants to learn about you.


    Her birthday is the perfect time to accomplish both. Make her a playlist of songs you like that you think she will enjoy and then play it for her over dinner. The creativity and thoughtfulness will go a long way.


Birthday Gift Ideas for him

  1. Favorite TV Character Dress-Up
    Get everyone to dress up as characters from his favorite TV show or series. This would perhaps be even more of a surprise if he is the type who loves his TV series and often stays glued in front of the TV binging on them. Be sure to capture the show so you can both relive it in the future and laugh at yourselves and your friends.
  2. Favorite Video Game Character Dress-Up.
    Get everyone to dress up as characters from his favorite video game. If he is more of a video game buff, then this would be preferable to the TV character dress-up.

  3. Favorite Dish at Favorite Restaurant.
    Surprise him at his favorite restaurant and have them serve his favorite dish and dessert with twice as much of everything than usual.
  4. Treasure Hunt.
    Prepare a treasure hunt for him so he can search for the location of his treasure. The treasure could be a party, it could be a unique gift, or it could even be someone that he has not seen for a long time and have been wanting to hang out with.
  5. Group Video of Friends.
    Get all of your friends to surprise him over a video conference on your phone and sing happy birthday to him.
  6. Favorite Team Jersey.
    Get him a jersey of his favorite team and have it customized with his name on the back and make everyone dress up as part of his team.
  7.  Birthday Party 3 Days Before.
     Surprise him with a party at least 3 days before his birthday, this is really going to make it a surprise.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

  1. Random Stranger Greeting
    Get some people from a freelance site like to call up your best friend for his or her birthday. Or to accost him or her on the street randomly and sing them a birthday song. This is a very unique way to say happy birthday to someone you love.
  2. Favorite Actor Poster
    Get him or her a poster signed by his or her favorite actor or actress. With a unique and personalized message specifically for your best friend.
  3. Late Night Cake.
    Don’t get in touch with your find all day long and then show up at their place late at night with a cake and some close friends.
  4. Shopping Mall Surprise.
    Take your best friend to the mall and have your friends rush in to surprise him/her. Then you can all go to a restaurant at the mall and celebrate.
  5.  Birthday Party 3 Days After.
    Surprise your friend two days after their birthday, but don’t forget a small gift on their birthday so they won’t think you threw the party afterwards because you forgot.
  6. Out of Town Trip with Close Friends.
    Pick your fiend up on their birthday and go on a trip with your closest friends to a cool place you rarely visit or explore a new location together.
  7. Jury Duty.
    Have their gift delivered in a letter for jury duty. Then inside the letter create a fake court order for them to attend, but at the end wish them a happy birthday and film their reaction on video. Then proceed to give them a nice gift to make it all better. This is fun and a good prank too because jury duty is not fun at all.


  8. Video Game Tournament.
    If video games are their thing, you can throw a surprise party with their favorite game and invite people who are good at the game to pay a tournament.


Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

  1. Multiple Small Gifts all Day Long.
    Give him series of small gifts all day long. This is a very cool way to surprise him over and over again on the same day.
  2.  Surprise Him at work.
    Surprise him at work with a huge cake and have everyone at the office know about it so they can sing as soon as you arrive with the cake.
  3. Memory Scrapbook.
    Create a scrapbook for him with all the best memories you have shared together. The accomplishments, the parties, the trips, the foods. It’s all great and thanks to social media, you have plenty of material to work with.
  4. Spa Treatment.
    Hire an Uber driver and have him sent to a spa for a one day treatment that is going to make him relax and get rid of all the stress. As a matter of fact, if he is a first time rider with Uber, the first ride is free, to the tune of R150. Courtesy of Birthday Mates and Uber. Just use the promo code: BirthdayMates *Applicable only to South Africa.*
    Birthday Gift Ideas | Birthday Present Ideas | Uber-Promo-Code
  5.  Shirt Signed by Favorite Athlete
    Get him a shirt signed by his favorite athlete
  6. Adventure Trail.
    Make a trail that leads your husband to a location that you can be alone. Perhaps get that sexy lingerie you know he loves the most. The trail could be a bunch of post it notes that say something that builds up anticipation.
  7. Singing Telegram.
    Hire people to perform a singing telegram with a great original message for your husband on his birthday.
  8. King for a Day Card.
    Get him a King for a day card that grants him a list of wishes he wants from a list that you made.
  9. Elitist Sport
    If he doesn't already do it, perhaps you could introduce him to an "elite" sport, by gettingn him the equipment and perhaps spme training or coaching he might need to get started. And by elite sport I'm refering to thinks like Golf or Archery, fencing, etc. So if he already plays Golf, then if you do indeed decide on archer, then a good gift idea might be a compound bow, for example, the PSE nova compound bow

Finally, sre there any birthday gift ideas or birthday present ideas that comes to mind that I might have missed in my list? Or some other unique gift item that you gave that special person? Do please share with us what that item or idea is.

Why You Should Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday 0

dog birthday party

While they most certainly won’t understand the cause for celebration, it’s a nice treat for dogs, and their owners alike, to celebrate your dog and the day they werre born, and have a dog birthday party. A lot of people consider dogs as part of their family, with many even labelling their dogs as their children. Well, if you celebrate your human childs birthday, why not your dog child?


We’ve put together some ideas for how to spend the special day and what canine-friendly delicacies to put on offer!


Where there’s a birthday, there must be cake. But celebrate your doggie’s big day with a cake more suited to their tummies with these fantastic Pupcakes courtesy of Trupanion!  Made with peanut butter and bananas, these will go down a treat without resulting in upset tummies:


Peanut Butter Banana Pupcakes Recipe:


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 Tbsp baking powder
  • 2 Tbsp honey
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
dog birthday party

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius.

Grease a cupcake tin with butter or non-stick baking spray.

Mash the bananas in a large bowl, and add the remaining ingredients except the peanut butter.

Once these are well blended, add in the peanut butter and work through until smooth.

Fill the cupcake tin to about a three quarter level full.

Bake for 25 minutes!


As a Topping:

Mix together half a cup of peanut butter to two cups of yoghurt, and use this as icing or frosting. Decorate with a few pieces of chicken, kibble, or your puppy’s favourite meaty treat, such as raw dog food 


Am I Being Silly?

Depending on which survey you consider, between half and a quarter of all dog owners actively celebrate their dog’s birthday! Considering how much a part of the family a dog can and should become, it isn’t terribly surprising that we feel the need to do something special for them, especially when we receive so much love from them. So no, we definitely don’t think you’re being silly celebrating your dog’s special day. If they don’t like dress-up however, don’t think that they’re going to appreciate a new outfit. Do what makes them happy, let them be dogs!


How To Spend The Day:

If there’s one thing a dog or puppy understands, it’s playtime. Make sure that on their special day they get a really great workout and plenty of exercise. Do something special like head out to the beach or take them to a place that would normally be a bit out of your way. Your love and affection really are the most precious gifts you can give to any dog, so make sure to lavish them with praise and affection.


Considering a Gift:

While your time is the best gift you can give, giving a physical gift can make you feel great too. For a puppy, a good quality chew-toy makes a great birthday gift, especially if they are busy losing their baby teeth.  If you have a very active dog, their birthday might be a good occasion to invest in something that can keep them occupied when you can’t be around – the  iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower is proving a real hit with many dogs! If you haven’t heard of it, the iFetch is an automatic ball launcher which allows your dog to play themselves to exhaustion without wearing you out too.


It takes a bit of training but most dogs get the idea (and the fun) very quickly.

Throw a Party!

If you have a local park where you take your dog for a walk, why not arrange a get together with their local friends? Put up an invite sign and hand out some flyers for a puppy picnic. You can arrange to have plenty of games and yummy treats on offer. Check out our tips on homemade dog food for more ideas. Dogs are highly social creatures, and spending some extra time with their pals with lots of attention and snacks to go around will certainly be appreciated by your birthday buddy as well as their friends.


Likewise if you have a large garden, why not invite some doggie pals around for a day of play and fun?


As long as you make sure the garden is closed off and secure, you can essentially just let the dogs romp around freely and do whatever their hearts desire. Hosting a dog party takes a lot less work than a kid’s party, as they’re generally very good at keeping themselves entertained. Have some toys, Frisbees, ropes and boxes available so they can invent their own fun.


If your dog is lucky enough to celebrate their birthday in summer, you could head to an area of water which will be especially appreciated by water-loving dogs like Retrievers.


A Note on Catering:

While you will have to cater for the human attendees as well, make sure that human treats are out of reach of the sneakiest amongst you dog’s pals – chocolate especially is very, very dangerous to some dogs (it’s not worth risking it to find out if your dog is sensitive) so keep this well out of reach.


For a bit of a change and if the weather is nice, why not try these great frozen treats – almost like having an ice-cream cake for a children’s party!


Recipe courtesy of Lola the Pitty:

Not only do these make a great treat with a difference, they are also ridiculously quick and easy to prepare. You will need a regular and a mini-sized cupcake tin if you want to achieve the tiered look, otherwise we’re positive your dog won’t mind single layer frozen deliciousness, packed with nutrients as well.



Half cup peanut butter – smooth or crunchy depending on what you think the birthday doggie will prefer

Half cup plain yoghurt (you know if your dog enjoys other flavours…)

One ripe banana

A splash of milk or almond milk, or just water if preferred.


Combine all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth, adding milk or water as required to get everything to blend well.


Pour the mixture into your cupcake tins – silicone works especially well but ordinary tins will do just fine, and to make life even easier for yourself, you can always use an ice-tray instead.


Freeze the trays until solid. When you are ready to serve, simply remove from the freezer and leave for a few minutes to thaw slightly so that you can get the ‘cakes’ out easily. If you’ve used two sizes, stack them up and get ready to present something new and delicious for your dog!


And to end off the day, why not snuggle up and have a snooze with your by now, hopefully, exhausted dog. Spending some quiet time together to bond after a day of excitement is an incredibly rewarding, and reinforces your connection no end.

If you ever do end up having a dog birthday party, or have ever had one, do be sure to let us know about it, sharing pictures or any tips you might have that my readers will benefit from.